Copernicus.org aims to promote the sciences by

  • Organizing meetings, conferences and exhibitions;
  • Publishing peer-reviewed journals, in particular open access;
  • Supporting associations and organizations in the fulfilment of their tasks and in their relation amongst each other;
  • Archiving data and information for public usage;
  • Assisting in outreach activities regarding media and education;
  • Developing appropriate software solutions for achieving these aims.

Promoting scientific work is our focus. Serving those dedicated to science is our passion!



  • 16 conferences and workshops in 2018
  • 21,000 contributions (service package A) handled in 2018
  • 18,046 registrations (service package B) handled in 2018


  • 41 open-access journals
  • 5,757 articles | 3,850 discussion papers in 2018
  • 2,015 editors in 2018
  • 10,157 referees in 2018
  • 28,555 authors in 2018



  • Copernicus Publications celebrates 25 years of publishing
  • The SUB Göttingen and Copernicus Publications introduced the National Consortium for Central Payment Processing of APCs for 14 scientific institutions


  • Full-text HTML and MathJax rendering of equations for all journals
  • Mobile-optimization of journal and conference websites
  • Copernicus Publications signed Enabling FAIR Data Commitment Statement in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences and updated data policy and author guidelines
  • Extended agreement with the Leibniz Association
  • Celebration of 30 years of Copernicus


  • Revision of editors', referees', and authors' obligations regarding appropriate handling of literature suggestions
  • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


  • Celebration of 15 years of interactive open-access publishing
  • Geographical distribution of views available in journal ALMs
  • Institutional agreement with Leibniz Association signed
  • Partnering with OpenAire on FP7 post-grant OA pilot for APC financing
  • Signatory of The Hague Declaration and OA2020 endorsement
  • DOIs for discussion comments in Interactive Public Peer Review
  • Journal library re–launch and new concept for interactive journals




  • Implementation of data policy
  • Launch of article level metrics (ALM)


  • OA publication charge agreements with Helmholtz Association
  • Member of ORCID and Partner of OpenAIRE
  • Start of language copy-editing as a standard service
  • Start of the first Copernicus conference app for mobile devices


  • Certified Member of IAPCO


  • Move to Göttingen


  • Start of the Copernicus Office online system
  • Founding Member of OASPA
  • OA publication charge agreements with Max Planck Society in Germany and CNRS INSU in France


  • Author copyright and Creative Commons Licence


  • All journals are open access


  • First conference with over 10,000 participants


  • Start of interactive open-access publishing with public peer review and discussion
  • First open-access journal
  • Formation of Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH


  • Start of publishing activities


  • Start of congress organizing activities as well as back-office services
  • Formation of Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. by scientists and directors of MPI for Aeronomy (MPAE)

Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. – the non-profit part of Copernicus

Copernicus was founded in February 1988 as the non-profit society Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. by directors and scientists of Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy (today MPI for Solar System Research). According to the statutes, Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. aims to promote international collaboration in the geo- and space sciences. When the business part of Copernicus, Copernicus GmbH (LLC), was founded in 2001 to carry on the conference and publishing business, Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. became the exclusive partner. This legal partnership guarantees that the surpluses of Copernicus' projects will be used to further promote the sciences. In 2013, Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V. celebrated its 25th anniversary! In honour of this occasion, we presented for the first time the Copernicus Medal. This award recognizes ingenious, innovative work in the geosciences and planetary and space sciences, and in their exceptional promotion and international cooperation, in particular of colleagues still in the midst of their scientific career. Please find more information on the website of the Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.

Legal status

Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH

  • Business segments: professional congress organizer (Copernicus Meetings) and open-access publisher (Copernicus Publications)
  • Registered as: limited liability corporation (GmbH)
  • Registered at: county court Göttingen under HRB 131 298 on 15 August 2001
  • Exclusive Partner: Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Financial Status: not-for-profit corporation

Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.

  • Exclusive partner of Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH
  • Until 2001 congress organizing and publishing
  • Registered as: incorporated society (eingetragener Verein - e.V.)
  • Registered at: county court Göttingen under VR 130 337 on 26 February 1988
  • Financial Status: non-profit society (gemeinnütziger Verein)
  • Please find more information on the website of the Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.