We see a company as a living organism formed by the people and their personalities: staff members and their families, partners, customers, and friends. Like any other organism, we have individual social, ecological, and economical needs that must be considered in our holistic thinking process. Our motivation for continuous optimization of our work in all these aspects is our sincere desire for long-term happiness, health, and well-being.

Social responsibility

  • We promise a secure job, stable relationships with our customers and colleagues, economic independence, promotion of individuality, as well as a motivating and healthy working environment with perspectives.
  • We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers, conferences, and journals in order to secure the jobs in our company. Our employees always receive permanent contracts allowing them to plan their life with us as a strong partner.
  • Our employees and especially their families are financially secure. We strive for fair salaries and attach great importance to comprehensive social benefits. We finance private pensions and occupational disability insurances, all-year childcare, children's (school) holiday care inside our offices. In addition, parents receive salary add-ons for their children.
  • We always encourage our employees to use their creativity and to share their ideas. Together, we pursue these ideas and implement them for the benefit of all. We regularly have our employees critically evaluate the company and conduct targeted team development that everyone can help to shape.
  • Our workplace is our living space, in which every employee should feel comfortable. For us, the optimal equipment is a major concern and we must balance the burdens of work. We provide many sports programmes, prevention courses, and balanced food. We collaborate successfully with physiotherapists to get the best out of our office space.
  • We are a partner of our employees in times of mourning and crisis. We provide help through coaching, therapies, and professional life counselling.
  • We provide the gift of time: time for family, leisure, and privacy. Accruing overtime is always the mistake of the leadership.
  • It is our desire that our work is fun. Only when enjoying what you do will you be satisfied on the long term. We all contribute to and maintain a friendly and positive atmosphere.
  • And, last but not least, we are always giving away some of our good fortune: to sports and social clubs, non-profit organizations, and initiatives that are committed to making people, animals, and the environment better off.

Ecological responsibility

  • As a conference organizer, we strive to reduce waste at our events and minimize the usage of single-use materials. Whenever possible, we avoid producing printed material but rather provide them online. We recycle carpets, signs, and other materials used on site, we produce promotional and informational material as eco-friendly as possible, and foster the offsetting of the carbon footprint of our attendees.
  • As a scientific publishing house, we strive to keep the printing of journal issues to an absolute minimum but rather provide everything online and freely accessible.
  • Our own promotional material is printed on FSC-certified paper, and we offset the environmental impact of the production process.
  • We offset the carbon footprint of our business trips.
  • We use multi-use materials inside our offices, limit the usage of heat and electricity as much as possible, avoid unnecessary print-outs, use only recycled paper, and support the usage of public transport or bikes for our employees.