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Copernicus Office is the online service for all scientists who are involved in projects of Copernicus Meetings or Copernicus Publications. Copernicus Office provides the infrastructure for all organizational tasks and communications, both during the programme development of a scientific conference as well as during the peer-review of a journal article. The following are key factors for success:

  • Direct integration of all involved parties in the processes;
  • Rigorous usage of online tools available anytime from everywhere;
  • Automation of standard processes completed by permanent personal assistance through the Copernicus service staff;
  • Synergy effects associated with the coupling of the different services for scientists;
  • Focus on the needs of our customers!


Four high-standard web applications serve you: the Administrator for personal data and records, the Editor for manuscript reviews, the Meeting Organizer for the handling of abstracts, sessions and programmes, as well as the Trader for the online payment of conference registrations, journal subscriptions, etc:


Copernicus Office strengths 

Project orientation

Copernicus Office is explicitly project-oriented. This means that applications and their forms and dialogues are embedded in the project websites. When an author, for example, surfs the website of his favourite journal and then registers a manuscript, there will be no visual change. This preserves the identity of the community and provides useful branding.

User Roles

Copernicus Office offers direct user administration for groups, roles, and permissions. User actions are managed by the system through assigned permissions. Moreover, user-specified information is directed to the relevant web pages of the respective project based on these permissions. For example, the programme chair of a conference is implemented as a role, not as a person. Changes made to user data appear immediately.

Project-specific terms and expressions

Terms and expressions that are typically project-specific (Editor vs. Topical Editor vs. Associate Editor) are controlled via variables. All websites, forms and dialogues use these specifications.


Please call our hotline for personal help and assistance.

Copernicus Office Support

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