New agreement between Swedish Bibsam Consortium and Copernicus Publications

19 April 2024

Copernicus Publications is delighted to announce a new agreement with the Swedish National Consortium, Bibsam. Through the agreement, authors affiliated with Bibsam member institutions benefit from the direct settlement of article-processing charges (APCs) in all journals published by Copernicus Publications.

The agreement will take effect for all eligible manuscripts submitted or accepted after 1 January 2024. Please see our financial support page for details.

The costs of this agreement are jointly covered by the Swedish Research Council, Formas, Forte, and Vinnova, following their strategic decision in October 2023 to support publications with publishers that exclusively publish fully open-access journals. More information on that decision can be found here.

This agreement is part of Copernicus Publications' continued efforts to streamline the publication process, enhance information exchange with our international partners, and strengthen open science.

About the Bibsam Consortium

Since 1996, the National Library of Sweden has negotiated licence agreements for electronic information resources and publishing agreements on behalf of Swedish universities, university colleges, and public agencies and research institutes. In total, 95 institutions are a part of the Bibsam Consortium. More information on the consortium can be found here.

About Copernicus Publications

Copernicus Publications is a fully open-access, not-for-profit society publisher whose portfolio of journals covers geosciences, environmental sciences, engineering, and life sciences. We have been at the forefront of the open-science transformation for 3 decades. We put research integrity first in everything we do, featuring the first public and fully transparent peer-review processes for academic journals and fair article processing charges.