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We strive to promote the sciences and we love to stay in touch with scientists. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge and spreading news about the work we and our partners do. You can therefore find us in different social media networks as well. We look forward to meeting you there. Stay connected!


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Our journals

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Annales Geophysicae @EGU_ANGEO
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics @EGU_ACP
Biogeosciences @EGU_BioGeo
Climate of the Past @EGU_CP
Earth Surface Dynamics @EGU_ESurf
E&G Quaternary Science Journal @EGQS_journal
Earth System Dynamics @EGU_ESD
Earth System Science Data @ESSD_journal
Geochronology @EGU_GChron
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and
Data Systems
Geoscientific Model Development @EGU_GMD
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences @EGU_HESS
Journal of Micropalaeontology @TMS_JM
Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems @JSSS_journal
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences @EGU_NHESS
Primate Biology @PrimateBiology
Solid Earth @EGU_SEarth
The Cryosphere @EGU_TC
Web Ecology @Web_Ecology
Wind Energy Science @windenergysci
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Earth Surface Dynamics EGU ESurf

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