Copernicus Publications launches ROR integration for corresponding authors

It is a new year, and as part of our fresh start, we would like to announce the latest feature in our submissions system that will be rolled out live today.

In modern academic exchange, rich article-level metadata are vital for funders, research institutions, indexing services, and authors alike. In the past, we have constantly expanded our machine-readable metadata through the integration of ORCID IDs for authors, structured funder data through FundRef and the machine-readable linking of assets (e.g., data, code, and sample numbers).

Today, we go one step further by introducing institutional identifiers into our submission workflow. Institutional identifiers are designed to disambiguate affiliations listed on a published article, thereby greatly enhancing our reporting capabilities to all academic stakeholders and ultimately furthering the visibility of all research published with us. Structured affiliation data also help us greatly to identify candidate institutions for potential institutional agreements. In the spirit of open science, we chose the Research Organization Registry (ROR) database as the framework to assign institutional identifiers. ROR is community-led and openly available to all.

Upon submission, we will ask the submitting author to identify the affiliation(s) of the corresponding author, as listed on the submitted manuscript, using ROR IDs. This is achieved through a seamless integration into our submission system: simply type or paste the affiliation and select the appropriate institution from the list of suggestions.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Editorial Support team at: