Journal website facelift

14 February 2023

Readers of our journals will experience a facelift of our websites in the coming days and weeks. Background: Google Scholar has the policy that the indexation of preprints and journal articles in their databases is only guaranteed, if the corresponding HTML page shows the first 2-3 lines of the abstract without scrolling in a desktop browser window of 1400x900px. So far, due to our website and preprint/article layout, we have not fulfilled this requirement. Therefore, we undergo 2 main adjustments:

  1. The general website template used for information pages as well as for preprints and journal articles will significantly reduce the header space and the height of the journal-specific banners.
  2. The layout of the preprints and journal articles will be adjusted in terms of author and affiliation lists. This will have the highest impact for readers.

So far, we have shown all authors of a paper with their ORCID icon and their affiliation code. In addition, we have shown all affiliations directly. In the new layout, we will only provide the names of the authors. Each name is then linked opening an information box with (a) the affiliation, (b) the ORCID, and (c) the email address if an author is corresponding author of the paper. This approach has already been applied by many publishing houses to save space.

While (1) the general website template facelift will already start today, (2) the facelift of the preprint and journal article pages requires a redeployment of all our publishing outputs. This will start in the next days and may take up to 2 weeks.

We are looking forward to ensuring the Google Scholar indexation of all your works through this needed facelift. However, should you experience any inconvenience during the transition period, we herewith apologize already.