EGUsphere is looking for preprint moderators

14 October 2020

The interactive community platform EGUsphere will soon start to allow the submission of preprints. All preprints will be evaluated and publicly discussed. If such preprints are meant to join a peer review for one of EGU’s topical journals after public discussion on EGUsphere, the initial evaluation is already done by editors of these journals. For preprints simply submitted to the preprint server EGUsphere, EGUsphere moderators will evaluate these to have a quick screening before the preprint is publicly posted.

The EGU community, in particular early career scientists, is now invited to apply for the volunteering position of an EGUsphere moderator, please see the corresponding EGU news item. Besides your motivation and your CV, we ask you to provide a reference (e.g. your PhD supervisor) and an endorser from the EGU council or EGU executive editors.

Come and join EGUsphere. Apply now at:

The EGU Publications Committee will review all applications and decide about your eligibility to become an EGUsphere moderator. The selection will follow EGU’s principle for equality, diversity, and inclusiveness in scientific collaboration. We will foster a diversity in terms of gender, career stages, and origin.

With EGUsphere, the EGU and Copernicus Publications launched an interactive community platform in spring 2020 hosting abstracts and uploaded presentations of EGU’s conferences, allowing commenting on conference presentations, offering preprint opportunities, and public discussions on recent scientific achievements. Further information can be found at:

Besides EGUsphere, all topical EGU journals are run by Copernicus Publications. This enables the full integration of the preprint server, public peer review, and journal publication under a single roof.