The Copernicus year 2018 – facts and figures

Last year Copernicus celebrated its 30th anniversary. We had 6 new employees join our team, which means that we now have 54 permanently employed staff members.

Our Meetings department organized 16 conferences and workshops and handled 18,046 conference registrations. A total of 21,000 abstracts were processed through our office, more than ever before.

In 2018 our Editorial Support dealt with 6,037 new submissions, which were handled by 2,015 voluntary editors and sent out for review to 10,157 referees. Our Production team processed 5,757 peer-reviewed articles in 40 open-access journals and 3,850 preprints were posted to the discussion forums of our 20 interactive open-access journals. We launched two new titles, Geoscience Communication (GC) and the Encyclopedia of Geosciences (EG) from the European Geosciences Union, and re-launched the Journal of Micropalaeontology (JM), owned by the The Micropalaeontological Society.

Last year Copernicus Publications signed four new institutional agreements with Stockholm University, Freie Universität Berlin, the Leibniz Association, and Helsinki University. In addition to this, the introduction of the National Consortium, joined by 14 German scientific institutions, was prepared. In total, affiliated authors can now profit from our agreements with 28 international institutions.