International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSN) now includable in article assets

Since early 2016, Copernicus Publications has been enabling authors to connect their articles with underlying or related material such as research data, model code, or scientific videos. To enhance reproducibility of research findings it is also very valuable to know which physical sample was used for a study. Therefore, it is now possible to include International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSNs) as assets.

The IGSN uniquely identifies samples taken from our natural environment (for example, rock specimens, water samples, sediment cores), as well as related sampling features (sites, stations, stratigraphic sections, etc.).

The IGSN is a persistent identifier that allows tracking a sample through its history. It provides a central linkage for investigators to be able to build on previously collected data as new techniques become available and new measurements are made.

Authors should make sure to include the IGSN of the sample they used as an asset during the production file upload. It is also possible to add assets after publication. Please find more information (e.g. on how to obtain an IGSN) here: